Colton Blair

Colton Blair grew up in a family that valued emergency preparedness and spent years learning how to preserve and store food, water, and tools which made him and his family self-reliant and prepared to handle any emergency or crisis.

Colton has lived in 5 different States in the United States in large cities and small towns which has diversified his experience and understanding of required self-reliance skills for those in varying life circumstances.

Colton is the creator of the food storage calculator and water storage calculator.

Experience and Interests –

  • Works for a Land Grant University supporting food preservation and emergency preparedness experts.
  • Served as a service missionary teaching others how to become self-reliant.
  • Has been a part of several community groups and helped teach self-reliance and emergency preparedness to all ages.
  • Passionate about macroeconomics and preserving his own food through methods such as freeze drying.
  • Was a Boy Scout and earned his Eagle Scout Award.