About Us

Colton and Kaycee make up the EZ Prepping team! They both have experience and talents when it comes to food and water storage, food preservation, home and family safety/security, and all things emergency preparedness.

The goal of EZ Prepping is to provide useful, accurate, and actionable information and content that will help anyone improve their family’s safety, security, and quality of life through building preparedness and self-reliance skills.

Kaycee and Colton have been married for over a decade and have made emergency preparedness and self-reliance one of the main focuses of their marriage.

Together they love sharing all the information and tips that they have learned from decades of experience and everything they’ve learned from hundreds of other like-minded people and experts.

Meet Our Team

Colton Blair

Colton Blair grew up in a family that valued emergency preparedness and spent years learning how to preserve and store food, water, and tools which made him and his family self-reliant and prepared to handle any emergency or crisis.

Colton has lived in 5 different States in the United States in large cities and small towns which has diversified his experience and understanding of required self-reliance skills for those in varying life circumstances.

Colton is the creator of the food storage calculator and water storage calculator.

Experience and Interests –

  • Works for a Land Grant University supporting food preservation and emergency preparedness experts.
  • Served as a service missionary teaching others how to become self-reliant.
  • Has been a part of several community groups and helped teach self-reliance and emergency preparedness to all ages.
  • Passionate about macroeconomics and preserving his own food through methods such as freeze drying.
  • Was a Boy Scout and earned his Eagle Scout Award.

Kaycee Blair

Kaycee Blair grew up in a family that valued self-reliance, emergency preparedness, and food storage. Her family loved camping and she learned many valuable survival skills with her brothers. 
She learned at a very young age how to meal plan and cook meals with long-term storage in mind to avoid waste. This experience has helped her create a useful food storage cookbook that has helped many plan meals and use their shelf-stable food storage in everyday cooking.

Experience and Interests –

  • Is a mom of two boys that like to have fun 
  • Loves camping with her family putting her self-reliance and emergency preparedness and survival skills to the test
  • Is passionate about helping families feel confident they are prepared for any situation 
  • Has been a part of several community groups and helped teach self-reliance and emergency preparedness to all ages.
food storage cookbook author