Dwight Schrute’s Survival Food Plan in a Pandemic (Coronavirus)

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If you are a fan of the TV show “The Office”, then you probably have enjoyed watching Dwight Schrute and his amusing behavior on the show. Fans and avid watchers of the show will remember the episode (Season 7, Episode 17) when Dwight’s food from his survival shelter reaches its expiration, and he has to eat everything. In the event of an apocalypse, Dwight Schrute is your man with the Survival Plan!

All right, picture this. Snowy ash drizzles from the sky. A rabid pack of dogs surrounds you as the flame at the end of your stick dies out. There’s only one hope for you: the door to my shelter. You pound. You beg. “Dwight, please let me in.” But I ignore your cries and do not let you in... Be assured this day will come… It’s only a matter of time. It could be one month, it could be two months.

Dwight Schrute

So What is Dwight Schrute’s Survival Food Plan in the case of a Pandemic like a Coronavirus? Dwight Schrute’s Survival Food Plan is to have “the best-stocked food survival shelter in Northeastern Pennsylvania and everything has a shelf life so (he) must eat and then replace everything that is about to expire.” Simply Dewight’s survival food plan is to eat his expiring survival food and replace it with a fresh new stock of food in his shelter. Fortunately for him, this plan works just as good in prepping for and surviving a pandemic as it would in a full-fledged apocalypse!

Not only will he survive when “SHTF” in a pandemic or any other kind of wide-scale catastrophe but also In his words, “It’s nice not to have to plan my meals.”

The first time I watched this episode of the Office I laughed so hard that I shot soda out my nose and had to start the episode over like 5 times just to watch it again and again. Honestly, at that time I thought Dwight’s character was hilarious in a borderline crazy type of way but when I recently rewatched this episode after the most recent worldwide pandemic, he kind of sounds a little less crazy. Well, except for maybe the “rabid pack of dogs” part, maybe…

Do yourself a favor and enjoy a good laugh by watching Dwight’s survival food seen again below!

Oh man… So good!

By far the most Disappointing thing is that The Office will be leaving Netflix at the end of 2020… In preparation for this we have bought the Complete Series on Amazon so please don’t hesitate to do the same! Get the complete series here on Amazon!

If you’re like me you are thinking, “Wow, Dwight might be on to something… maybe I should consider easy and reasonable ways to stock up a survival food supply for my family and myself…” If that is you, consider checking out our Food Storage Calculator and our article Recommended Food Storage Items: What are the best foods for long term storage?. It really is true that those who are most at peace, even in times of a disaster or a coronavirus pandemic, are those who are prepared. Starting to build a rotational food storage (survival food supply) of at least a couple of months could prove to be life-sustaining.

Dwight’s Survival Food Plan

Planning Ahead for a Pandemic like the Coronavirus

Most Definitely the purpose of Dwight’s “best-stocked survival food shelter” is to outlast any virus or pandemic that could possibly be unleashed. Dwight was skilled at imagining up worldwide pandemics and catastrophic scenarios. Obvious someone to look to for help in planning your own survival food storage. Some might even wonder if Dwight foresaw the year 2020! LOL

Storing and Rotating Your Food Storage (FIFO)

Clearly, Dwight’s survival food plan is strategically planned out to follow the FIFO method (First In First Out method). Dwight knows that all food has a self like and needs to be rotated so he plans accordingly and eats his survival food before it expires. Saving both time and money while feeling the incredible peace of mind that come what may because he is prepared to outlast it all, even the Coronavirus.

Dwight Schrute Survival Food Memes and Giff

dwight schrute survival food plan meme

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